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by Sara Abrams


The wedding is over, the last dance danced, and the last glass raised to the happy couple. Now it’s time for the honeymoon! It’s time for the loving couple to jet away to an exotic locale for some well deserved rest and alone time.


The word “honeymoon” does not appear to have any relevance to the wedding ceremony or vows of modern times. Interestingly, the term “honeymoon” is found in many different languages and cultures, from Scandinavian rituals to the Hebrew language, and dates far back in history. The most common explanation is that in northern Europe the custom was for the newlyweds to drink a cup of mead, which is a drink made from honey, for a month.  The drinking of this honey beer, or honey wine, for the cycle of the “moon” (one month) was to guarantee fertility in the marriage.


In modern times the honeymoon norm is for the newlyweds to go to a romantic destination that allows them some time to enjoy each other’s company in solitude. This is their time to relax, unwind and celebrate their new union before they go back to the everyday pressures of their new life together. 


Honeymoon destinations can be anywhere, although the most popular still appear to include a relaxing beach in a tropical setting. If an island resort getaway is not to your liking, you might want to go to a dude ranch in Montana, or a bike trip in Ireland, or a long, beautiful cruise. Make sure when you book your hotels that you inform them that this is part of your honeymoon travel. Many times you will be upgraded to the honeymoon suite and a bottle of champagne, courtesy of the hotel, will be waiting for you. Popular honeymoon destinations are Hawaii, Thailand, Bali, Italy, the Caribbean, and of course stateside too. Theme parks such as Disney World are happy to get a piece of the honeymoon action and have special packages to entice your business.


Booking your honeymoon through a travel agency is a good way to eliminate one more stressful item surrounding your wedding. Betsi Jordan, owner of Prestige Travel in Columbia, SC, specializes in honeymoon and destination wedding travel. Betsi states, “Nine times out of ten it will not cost you more to use a travel agency service over booking through the Internet. The service will handle everything, for example in case a weather issue comes up we can redirect you and you don’t need to worry about anything.”


She says that 90% of the couples choose to go to an island or a relaxing destination with an all-inclusive plan. The all-inclusive plan will not only cover the hotel room but will pay for all meals, drinks and activities like water sports. This provides the opportunity to budget ahead and stick to that budget.


Betsi personally travels to many of the islands and hotels that she recommends so that she can put her stamp of approval on any package she refers to the honeymooners. She will match the client’s personality with a resort that’s best suited to them and their budget including an environment that offers fun, relaxation and pampering. Many of the resorts are adults only and focus on adult activities. This guarantees that the newlyweds will have quality alone time after the stress of the wedding preparation and the wedding.


If the couple elects to stay closer to home, Niagara Falls still coins itself the "honeymoon capital of the world" with 50,000 honeymooners a year still making it their destination. No one really knows how Niagara Falls became such a popular honeymoon destination, but the spectacular Falls definitely qualify as one of the world’s great wonders making for a dramatic and romantic setting. Part of the captivation may also be the old-fashioned romance of Niagara where a couple can choose an array of honeymoon suites from the numerous hotels, or a charming Bed and Breakfast accommodation.


Honeymoon adventures are another alternative for the couple that prefers a more stimulating getaway, with trips to Antarctica, or an African safari instead of relaxing on a beach. Eco-tours would also make for an interesting trip if you prefer action and education over relaxation. Most couples choose luxury and pampering for a more traditional honeymoon.


From Hawaii to the Swiss Alps, or Fiji or Mauritius, or even Las Vegas, you can choose the honeymoon of your dreams. Get your passports ready, your sunscreen, or your skis, and go have fun. This is your time to unwind and begin to make memories together of your brand new life as a married couple. Take the phone off the hook, stay away from the Internet, and enjoy each other!

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