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Planning Your Day

Scheduling Your Wedding Day Photographs

Nearly every bridal couple faces the decision of scheduling their formal wedding photography before or after the nuptials. Implicit in the question is whether or not the couple should see each other before the ceremony. While both approaches have pros and cons, most brides in the new millennium vote for practicality.

Today, very few bridal couples have all of the formals photographed after the wedding, and a large portion elect to have all of the group photography shot prior to the ceremony. Newlyweds are electing not to miss any part of the festivities for photographic sessions. After all, this is usually the biggest party of their lives!

Savoring the Anticipation

But what about savoring the anticipation that is part of not seeing your betrothed before the wedding? Consider an idea that many photographers call "private time." Set the stage in the sanctuary, or any place of your choosing, for the bride to meet the groom prior to the ceremony and the photo session. Post groomsmen at all entrances, allowing no one to enter. Then have the groom stand with his back turned, nervously waiting. Yes, he can hear it now – the rustle, swish, rustle of her gown. "You can turn around now," are the first words he'll hear as he turns to behold his beautiful bride. Then they can cry, kiss, hug, pray, exchange gifts in private. This is probably the only uninterrupted time they'll have together until the end of the day.

The Grand Entrance

But what about the grand entrance at the ceremony? Won't this nouveau notion kill the thrill, regulating it to anti-climatic afterthought? Hardly! Nothing can steal the thunder of that moment, as the music sounds its call when the beautiful bride dramatically appears at the doorway. All rise in her honor as she elegantly glides down the aisle to her handsome groom. Amidst a gushing of nearly overwhelming emotions, the beautiful vision many brides dream about is left intact.

In contrast, many brides who wait until the ceremony to see their groom for the first time are on sensory overload. Stage freight is rampant, and when she arrives at the altar, he can't kiss her, tell her how beautiful she is, or give her a reassuring hug.

Scheduling the photographs before the wedding isn't just a good suggestion, it's a valuable investment tip to maximize your party and to optimize your experience on "your day." It makes a difference not only in the photographs, but in the whole wedding experience. It's been said hindsight is 20/20: here's a chance to include a bit of high quality hindsight into your foresight.

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